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Healthy Heart 

Healthy and nutritious recipes. Farm to plate, organic food labels and safety. Get moving, cardio and active fitness.

Planet Earth

Recycle plastic, aluminum and other recyclable products. Reduce energy and power efficiency. Reuse recyclable, creative and other materials.

Plant Environment

Microcontroller programming sensor and equipment. Temperature and humidity inputs & outputs. Fertilize soil adding nutrients and healthy pollinator habitats. 

Live Streaming 

Esports live streaming and compete in gaming tournaments. LAN & PC tournament play. Multiple players, critical thinking and problem solving.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Live performance and hands-on activities. Drone racing, virtual reality 3D printing and more. 

STEM Saturday


Science . Technology . Engineering . Mathematics

K -12 | February 24th - April 8th, 2023 | 8:00AM - 12:00PM

Social & Emotional Learning 

Engage in small groups, STEM focus, hands-on and project based learning activities.

Hour Of Code 

Learn to code using Python & Javascript computer programming languages.

Academic Support 





Transportation Provided

Buckhead Area


Downtown Atlanta

Registration Required 



Riccardo Dawson Jr.


Georgia Student Technology Competition 

Internet Application

1st Place Atlanta Public Schools Technology & Innovation Competition 

Internet Application


Augusta University 

Georgia Student Technology Competition 

Graphic Design

1st Place Atlanta Public Schools Technology & Innovation Competition 

Graphic Design

REC Foundation Aerial Drone Competition

RAD Aerial Drone Competition learn to safety operate a drone, navigate the racecourse and land on the starting platform faster than your opponent. 

Alumni | Scholarships

Esports League  

Electronic Sports high school league, organized with competitive gameplay between two teams and governed by its strict rules and guidelines.  

Georgia Student Technology Competition

Georgia Student Technology Competition

(GASTC)  is the highest level of technology competition in Georgia  representing 1000+ projects held in the month of March. 

March 14, 2020 | Kennesaw State University Alumni | Scholarships

Google Science Fair 

Online science competition open to and between the ages of 13 and 18 around the world.

Games for Change

Games for Change Challenge

The Games for Change Challenge is the leading national game design program that combines passion for games with digital learning and civic engagement.


eCYBERMISSION, for sixth to ninth graders web-based STEM competition that enables and recognize real-life applications of STEM.

Esports League | Two sessions a school year. | Regular & Playoffs 

Fall: October - January | Spring: February - May 

Teamwork | Communication | Creativity | Sportsmanship | Leadership 

  • Safety | Rated - "E" for everyone & "T" for teens ages: 13yrs. & older. 
  • Scholarship | The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE)

VR at the 7th Annual APS Technology & Innovation Competition 


Thank you for the lesson on Saturday and the gift card. Lewis enjoyed using it on bits and pieces for his Roblox and made a You tube video about it. He included a link to your website and thanked you on it.

Many thanks


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