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  • Certified Tutors 
  • Private Lessons
  • Home School 
  • CPR, AED & First Aid Certified
  • Fitness Youth Specialist 
  • Boot Camp 
  • Health & Wellness  
  • Personal Training  
  • Summer Camp  


Online Learning Support 

Youth K- 8th

Online learning support, provides youth K-8th private one-on-one as they complete assignments and

small group distance learning. As we continue supporting our youth & families, succeed in both online and extended learning. Families can register as many online sessions & scholarships available.

Additional academic learning support

K-8th available in all subject areas.


$125 | 60 - 90 minutes | Live Instructor 

$50 | Additional Fee 

Subjects: Science | Social Studies | Language Arts | Reading | Math  




Reading & Math Tutor

Classes K-12th 

Literacy comprehension, confidence and skills to thrive in both reading and math. Engage in small groups

or private one-on-one classes. Tutors are certified and professional trained providing individualized

instructional learning in subject areas. 

$150 | 60-90 minutes | Activity Book included.

$0 Registration Fee    

Benefits:  Financial Literacy | Confidence | Study Habits 

SAT & ACT Test Prep    

SAT & ACT test prep and test-taking skills to strengthen the concepts on the test exams.

Develop strategies and an individualized learning styles to make a difference on the official test.

Maximize skills and strategies towards your goal & highest potential score.  

$500 | 60-90 minutes | Study Materials included.

Benefits:  Practice Test | Study Guide | Flashcards

Physical Fitness 

Physical fitness activities for youth K-12th. Improve fitness development, healthy living, performance & teamwork. FREE tennis, volleyball and soccer intro activities available and registration required.

$125 | 60-90 minutes | Uniform Shirt included.

$0 Registration Fee

Benefits: Muscle Strength | Cardiovascular | Motor Skills | Confidence | Exercise Habits 


Monday - Friday between 3:00PM- 6:00PM.

 Scholarships Available 

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