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Creative Art Studio

Create and explore digital drawings, 3D modeling, animation, and more using various techniques and styles. Showcase your portfolio including digital art pieces, sketches, concepts of art or photographs of sculptures and keep your creativity updated with your latest and strongest ideas. 



Envision and inspire others while working on emotional intelligence skills, empathy and visualize your inner world thoughts.   

K-12 | Beginner - Advanced

Photoshop | Illustration | Character

WaCom | Adobe | Premiere Pro


Brainstorm and communicate ideas through visual art, painting, medium and deeply connecting to an audience. Explore using the Wacom One & pen as you digitally draw, pant, edit and express your creativity


Fall 2024 | September 2nd - October 25th 

Sessions | 4 - 8 wks | Registration Closed

Acrilic Paints
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